377 km/h in 20.54 sec! Top Secret’s GTR R35 sets speed record in Nardo Italy.

So…who has the fastest top speed Japanese car?


Here’s the speed: 377kmh (234mph) However there’s a bit more to the story. Nobody likes ties but what we were left with as we left Nardo was nearly a tie. Even worse, in both cases both cars Top Secret – Performance Engineering Serviceand Powerhouse Amuse were unable to reach their true potential due to facing the same unexpected computer error at 7500rpm in 6th gear. As a result both cars pulled to 7500rpm in 6th gear and both maxed out electronically rather than reach their potential. They had more speed in them. The Top Secret car was the winner with a speed of 377km/h whereas the Amuse car reached 373km/h.


The difference of 4km/h is attributed to slightly different final drive gear ratios between the two. Ask anyone there and we all believe they both could have passed 400km/h if not for the ECU problem. Call it a tie if you want, but the winner was ultimately Top Secret by a very small margin. Smoky remains on top as having the fastest Japanese street car ever made! We all hope to find the true potential of these cars next year with Option’s next Nardo attack!

Read more about the Top Secret GTR  or about Nissan’s GTR overall


Watch a  short Video about the Top Secret R35 GTR

[Source: bulletproofautomotive.com and .gtrlife.com]

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. hillbilly says:

    not fastest sorry AMS GTR is fastest 382.16 kph.

    1. news4cars says:

      When this was posted it was the fastest…and now apparently is NOT! Thanks for sharing soon we will write about the new record holder!

    2. BoB says:

      Top Secret wins because it hit 20 second run at 234mph. Smokeys 6th gear wasn’t even functional either.
      So, Smokey was faster already.
      Dragtimes Alpha 12+ run was 22 seconds at 237mph.

  2. hella dumb says:

    thats not a nardo run. yes there probably are cars that exceed 377 kph but the topsecret car was at nardo and the ams gtr was not.

  3. Nissans including the GTR are still ugly ricers imho. You can only do fast so many times and in very limited places. Give me a choice between say a 3,000 hp GTR, and Porsche, Lambo, Ferrari etc. and I’ll take the Porsche, Lambo, or Ferrari. U can keep the GTR, lol. And btw Underground Racing’s Gallardo spanked AMS’s Alpha GTR. Sent that puppy home with it’s tail in between it’s legs. ; ))

    1. news4cars says:

      I disagree totaly. Give me a stock GTR and you can have any Porsche, Lamborghini or Ferrari you wish (besides the hyperhybrids) and I will be still the happiest person on planet. And if you put into the equation the price, GTR has no match. One of the best cars ever to be build imho.

      1. Carolina Fralou says:

        You are absolutely right. They often compare standard GTR with Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini. This is already an “honor” to be compared to them, BUT the GTR costs ½ the price of the others. Invest some 30-40000 $ in a standard GTR (and it is still 75% of the price of the others) and you are in the performance of a Bugatti Veyron and the other 3 are “ridiculous sports cars”. Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini have a lot of prestige and image, but the GTR (I one can be objective without looking at prestige) is the best vehicle! BTW: I have a GTR, a Porsche 997 Turbo and also a Ferrari 458 (and some more). I think I know what I am talking about.

    2. kevin wangsa says:

      i will still have the GT-R, the T1Race GT-R has 2000HP and the engine is not bored and stroked yet, if you bored and stroked the engine to 4000cc, like what AMS did with their Omega R35, then i guess you will have more than 2200HP, add a portrayer into the car, then you have more than 2400, reinforce the block and you can increase the turbo pressure even more, and that results in more power, even though that does not mean the Porsche/Lambo/Ferrari trio can’t beat it on the straights, you will never catch up to a GT-R in the corners.

    3. kevin wangsa says:

      plus, you can rice a Porsche/Lambo/Ferrari also, ricer does not mean cheap cars or japanese cars, give me an Aventador and I’ll show you how to rice it.

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