News4Cars is a blog authored by Nikos Ziogas.”Most of the content is not mine, but I think it’s always nice to be sharing any great posts that you come across! So fill free to copy-share, no rights reserved! (though it would be nice to refer the source)

I am not any sort of an expert, I am just a car enthusiast…  and I really like cars that can go around corners…

It is indifferent to me if a car is German, Japanese, American or Italian -as long as it’s not Chinese- what matters is if the car can thrill a driver…
I love both new and old cars…

Few of my favs on 4 wheels are…

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  1. Oh my goodness. Your blog is fantastic!! I just started an automotive blog! Could use some tips 🙂 Again, Great blog!!

    1. news4cars says:

      Thanks for the nice words Ruben. I think your blog is great as well! I would use the “Read More” Tag on your post, so the scrolling is a bit less and a good tip is to add videos to your post for SEO reasons. Videos are 53 times more effective in SEO and can help with your organic traffic! Best of wishes.

      1. How do I do the “Read More” tag? I’ve been trying to find that option in settings.

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