Video: Nissan GT-R vs Audi RS6 Avant shootout

They both have four-wheel drive, cost around £80,000. produce more than 500bhp, and offer supercar-rivalling pace. But can the big, practical Audi RS6 really outpace the breathtaking Nissan GT-R. Steve Sutcliffe hosts the battle.

Nissan GT-R GT3 R35

The Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 is a joint development between NISMO (Nissan Motorsports International Co. Ltd.) and JRM (JR Motorsports), who are responsible for manufacturing, production and sales in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Cars destined for these territories will be produced by JRM at their Daventry technical facility, with each one built to…

Video: World’s Fastest GT-R @382 Km/h Alpha 12 by AMS

AMS Performance sets a new world speed record for Nissan’s GT-R R35 hitting 382 kph with the Alpha 12 ! Few months ago we posted about the fastest japanese GTR, the Top Secret GTR R35, which had hit 377 km/h in Nardo Italy. Now  AMS Performance has made the Nissan GT-R Alpha 12 with 1,700 horsepower under the hood….

Or(g)ange… Königseder GT-R R35

The tuning company Konigseder revealed stunning styling and performance package for one of the most vigorous sports cars in the world – Nissan GT-R R35. If the R35 Nissan GT-R in factory form just isn’t enough machine for you then Austrian tuning firm Königseder will help out with a new styling package along with some…

Top Secret GTR R35… The “Golden Dawn” !

Top Secret GTR R35 Read here about the GTR’s Engine Parts Photo Gallery Top Secret GTR R35 –  Body Parts Wide front fender                  I can be attached to genuine bumper. It is a wide front fenders made ​​of FRP. If you wear a tire size of 285 of the…