2013 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG

This may not be a Black Series… but this Black Mercedes is  more expensive that SLS AMG


The Looks

Looking at the AMG car there aren’t much words to say, the SL65 is simply stunning. The rear of the car with the led lights and the double exhaust pipes  is stealing the show.  I never really liked the front of the present SL-Class generation (R231). So I would love to see the car with the R230 front and this great piece of.. rear.


Inside the thing are typical for Mercedes-Benz (especially that for Merc that costs over $200.000). The quality of materials and assembly is above any questions and there are some amazing details, like the transmission shifter


The Performance

As mentioned above SL65 is more expensive that the SLS and besides it’s more expensive,  has more horsepower as well.  But less put first things first. So, this is the 2013 SL65 AMG. It has a 6.0lt V12 engine, that helped by two turbochargers,  produces 621 bhp @ 4.800rpm  and 1.000 Nm of torque. So, the numbers are extreme. And the question is if this car needs such “numbers”. Mercedes says that, yes it does, because there are some customers, as they say, that want a car from the higher shelf that simply no one else can afford.  So, when Mercedes decides to make a car expensive they just put a base-price over $214.000, $8.000 more than the SLS AMG.  Which is weird because the SLS should be the car that everyone would thing that is extraordinary.


Besides the price policy the SL65 is half second slower  than the SL63 at  50 to 70mph acceleration and it is not the best Mercedes Benz ever built. And definitely is not better (not even better looking) that the 2007 SL65 Black Series.

SL 65 AMG (R230) 2008

But the truth is that this one is not trying to be the best. This car is built to look great, to impress and when asked to run fast as hell in a straight way. And at this tasks it has really only few competitors, and no one of them  can drop it’s roof on a sunny day…


Photo Gallery


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