Why I hate BMW 4-series coupe

Few Facts about the  BMW 4-Series F32


Last week BMW, after showing the new 3 Series,  revealed officially  the new  4-Series. At first sight the car looks much more like the 3 Series and less like a small 6 Series. Which would be okey if the BMW haven’t change the car name and instead calling the car 3 Series Coupe named it 4 Series.  The truth is that the 4 Series got bigger that the 3 Series Coupe E92.  BMW says the wheelbase on the 4 Series is 50mm longer than the old two-door’s, plus the new car is 26mm longer overall, with the track widened by 45mm at the front and 81mm at the rear.  So, BMW is trying it best to convince us that this is a small 6 Series…

Besides that the car is 16mm lower than the E92 3 Series and has the lowest gravity center than any other BMW currently on sale. Which definitely can sharpen the driving abilities of the car. Compared to the 3 Series the car has more aggressively adjust suspension, for more sport feeling there are available M Sport package.


The new 4 Series is available with a standard petrol engine that produce  181 hp 420i and at the top of the range is the 435i with 302hp.  BMW 4 Series is also available with 3 diesel engines.
With starting price around $50.000 (in the UK) it’s  $5.000 more than the new 3 Series.  The production of the car will start in July 2013 and first delivers will be made at the end of 2013.

So, Why I hate the 4 Series ?

The top of the range, as mentioned above,  is the 435i – with petrol engine – but us we all know there will available a BMW M division  model, the M4.


Until now, always, the best 2 door medium segment supercar produced by BMW was the M3 The BMW M3 legend began with the incredible E30 M3, followed by the E36, than by the great E46 and the latest E92.

The fact that from now on the M3 will be called M4 is bit disappointing. At least for me is like the next generation of compact (C segment) Volkswagen would be named Tennis, instead Golf.  

I strongly believe that BMW will not wipe out the M3 badge, I expect a new M3 based on the new 3 Series Sedan, but still the idea of a sedan M3 doesn’t excite me much. Definitely the M4 and the (possible) new M3 sedan will be great cars, but the magic will be lost.  The magic that have cars such as,  the 911 and until now the M3.

So, lucky you E92 M3 owners for being the last owners of a 2-door Coupe M3.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Agreed on all fronts!
    I’ve been thinking these same thoughts since they announced the idea a few months ago….
    Everything keeps getting fatter, more expensive, and then the names get all messed up.

  2. SuperSwede says:

    Not much love for the modern era BMW´s with the exception of the 1M, last proper car was the M3 CSL, and that comes from a die hard BMW man.

    1. news4cars says:

      I must say that I like BMW. The M5s E39 and E60, the Z3M Coupe M3 E36 and E46, E92 335i and M3 are good cars as well as the 1 Series M and the 135i. Still you have a point that the latest BMWs are less sport that in the past. The weird thing is that the Mercedes-Benz made a sport oriented turn.

      1. SuperSwede says:

        As a longtime BMW-obsessed I can’t even bare the thought of a M-B with the one exception of the W124 500E (of course built by Porsche). I also stand by my opinion about BMW. When BMW renamed Motorsport to M it all went downhill. I can still enjoy the odd model (M only, since the newer ordinary BMW’s is just like any Audi or Mercedes), but it’s not even in the same universe as it was before Chris Bangle entered the scene.

  3. floorit says:

    You’re all morons! The new 4 series is a huge improvement over the 3. Get with the times. Its a good thing people like you don’t work in the development department of BMW.

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