New Maserati Levante SUV… on Sale in 2015

The new Maserati SUV is based on the 2011 Kubang prototype

The glamor of the BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne plans to steal Maserati, with  the new model Levante. The Levante is expected to be unveiled in 2015 and will be based on the Maserati prototype Kubang that was unveiled in 2011 at Frankfurt Auto Show.


The engines that will equip the Maserati Levante, is a V6 3,0 liter petrol with 410 horsepower and a V8 3,8 liter engine with 530 horsepower. A V6 3,0 liter diesel with 270 horsepower, will complement the range. The engines will cooperate with an automatic eight gear transmission and will have four-wheel drive, four-wheel drive system via the «Q4» that equips the Quattroporte and Ghibli. Yo increase the  off-road character of the luxury SUV, the Maserati collaborates closely with Jeep, so the new Levante will have some influence from the new  Grand Cherokee.

maserati_suv maserati_suv_


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  1. SuperSwede says:

    I really hope that this will not be just a “spiced up” Jeep, because that would be nothing but a pig with make up.

    1. news4cars says:

      I hope that this car can fill Maserati’s pockets, so they continue building sportscars !

      1. SuperSwede says:

        Not at the price of being built with a Chrysler as a donor car. There is nothing Maserati in that.

      2. news4cars says:

        I agree with you. I don’t care about the Levante, but Levante is a good opportunity for Maserati to be able to build good sportscars

      3. SuperSwede says:

        Indeed! But it’s crucial that it’s going to be refined enough so there is NO obvious Jeep DNA. remember the hideous Le Baron with the Maserati badge. IMO it needs to be as filtered as the Ghost is from being taken for a 7 series BMW. I really hope that Maserati is able to survive but brand DNA is so much more than just a emblem. If they’re going to kill the trident in the same way as VW has done with Bugatti and Audi has done with Lamborghini, well then it’s nothing for me. Brand heritage is something VERY valuable, and they’ve already killed Lancia and Alfa Romeo, unfortunately it’s a lot speaking for that they’ll do the same with Maserati.

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