BMW Z3M Coupe… The coolest hatch ever!

It’s called “coupe” thought I say it’s a hatch, the Hottest Hatch ever build!


This particular one Z3M is one of the 7 available in Turkey.  The owner says that he was waiting – searching for 10 years for this one… (Why not import one? ). Never mind the Z3M Coupe is wildest hatch ever made. I believe it was wrong that BMW called it a Coupe, cause there are even better coupes in BMW lineup such as  M3 E46 etc.

The original BMW M Coupe was built as a side-project alongside the Z3 and was available from 1998 – 2002. Since production ceased, its reputation has grown and is destined to become a future classic amongst petrol-heads. The Z3 M Coupe is one of the most unique and focussed driving machines to come out of BMW since the E30 M3


Enjoy more great photos!


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