Nissan Reportedly Reworking Dacia Duster into a New Terrano

Dacia has won a lot of praise for its honestly priced lineup of cars, which have convinced many buyers that “cheap doesn’t mean bargain basement.” The Duster, which is also badged as a Renault in some markets, including Russia and India, is gaining popularity, and its reviews are generally positive.


Now, Nissan reportedly wants its own version of the 4×4, which it will name the Terrano, reviving an older nameplate, used from 1993 to 2006. Autocar India is sure of this, adding that the Nissan model will be around $1,000 more expensive than the vehicle on which it’s based. The report seems to confirm a pair of patent pictures of a Nissan-faced Duster that appeared online earlier this year.

It is explained that this has to do with the agreement between Renault and Nissan when it comes to the borrowing of models. The Terrano will be more than a mere rebadge job, and is expected to feature unique bumpers, lights and other specific Nissan styling tweaks – the interior will probably only get a new steering wheel, though, so that there’s a place to put the different badge.


Finally, the model is expected to make its market debut by the end of this year, but it has not been specified where it will be launched first or what engines buyers will be able to specify. For instance, the Russian version gets a 2.0-liter petrol engine and automatic gearbox, for the Duster, which are out of the reach of western European buyers. This means that the shell can theoretically accommodate larger engines, so perhaps a 2.0-liter DCi diesel could also be in the books, or Renault’s new1.6-liter DCi which has so far been praised in all its current uses.



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