OldSchool: Toyota Corolla Coupe TE51


This has to be the cleanest TE51 Toyota Corolla on the planet, even cleaner than new…


With a nice bright paint job, Old School JDM Wheels and details like the Fender Mirrors; make this one sweet JDM Classic.

SSR MKII are the Old School JDM wheels of choice on this TE51 Corolla. The Old School simple 4 spoke design works well with almost all older rides.

SSR MKII specs are 15×9 +0 all around wrapped in 205/50/15 tires. The SSR MK2 wheels have black faces look brand new!

Fitment on the this Old School Toyota Corolla is on point with the SSR wheels and tires spaced out perfectly.


Rear of the Corolla, this body style has really nice classy lines.

Nice picture of the SSR valve stem cover and the lustre of the lips on the SSR MKII wheels.

Black Face Nardi Classic Steering wheel always looks at home in an Old School JDM Ride. check out how clean and perfect that interior is.

The stance has been brought down with Swift Race Springs with Koni Race Struts in the front and custom leafs de-arched with one leaf added in the rear for stiffness; thats a trick setup in which form follows function. No cut springs here.


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