2013 Corvette Stingray…

There’s nothing wrong about the new Stingray. But, there’s a but…


So, the new model, named C7 is definitely better looking  that the C6  and C5. It seems a better car as well, the specs are better, the power is increased and the handling is better. So someone may ask what is wrong ?


As mentioned in the heading there’s nothing really wrong, besides the  four silly exhaust pipes at the back of the car every thing else is nice. But there’ is still a but… The bad – or should i say “but”- thing about the C7 is that is called Stingray. And that means that it must be compared to this one…

Photo spotted at motoringconbrio.com

And there’s no way C7 can win with this badass  ‘Vette ever !


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