Video: 1985 Porsche 911 “Project Nasty”…

BBi Autosport’s tuned 911 proves that…  less -sometimes- is much much more…!

Today, the majority of tuner press is given to cars with massive power. BRABUS this, G-Power that. 4-digit power numbers get the same reaction as you give someone who tells you they bought a pool table “Oh? Nice.” We’re guilty of it too, with many of our previous videos looking like a runway shootout.


But what would you want in your garage? What if you were Joey Seely, of BBi Autosport, and you’ve seen and driven every Porsche under the sun? What if you were a person who is around standing mile cars all the time? Who has his hands wrist-deep in 997 turbo-upgrades every day?  What would you build when the novelty of huge un-usable power has grown stale?

 You build a 1985 Porsche 911 that weighs 2,300lb, has 275WHP, and is as raw as a deer splattering on a truck’s grill. This car is  timeless, offering a compilation of sensations and noises that lift it above the quest for speed, and it is one of our favorite cars of ever. Jump to watch.

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